Getting Started With Your Seattle Times e-Edition

Welcome to The Seattle Times electronic edition (e-Edition) of the newspaper.  Below are a few tips on navigating our online version of the daily print product. 

Access and Login

Access to The Seattle Times e-Edition is available via any computer with an internet connection. A link can be found at the bottom of


And at the URL below:

For best results, we recommend bookmarking this URL on your personal computer.

The first time you access this link, you’ll be taken to a login page. The e-Edition is available to print and paid subscribers only, and as such requires a secure access page.

If you’d like to subscribe to just the e-Edition, you can sign up here:

If you’d like to sign up for both the print and electronic editions, you can subscribe here:

If you did not receive your registration e-mail or have accidentally deleted it, please contact our Customer Service Department at 206/464-2121 or 


Enter your username and password here, and click “sign in. ”

You’ll see the image below while the pages load. It may take a moment.


If you’re unable to login, or have forgotten your password or User ID, please click the “Forgot your User ID” or “Forgot your password” links. You will be asked for your e-mail address and a reminder (or reset) e-mail will be sent to that address. This must be the same e-mail address you used to register your account.


The Seattle Times e-Edition launch page looks like this: 


On the left-hand side, you’ll see two tabs – Contents and Search.

Within Contents is an “Introduction” tab with a brief overview of navigation tools, and a “What’s Inside” tab, for easily locating content using a table of contents, page thumbnails or featured pages:


Click on Table of Contents


19   21   23

Click “Help” to access a detailed breakdown of the reading and searching windows. 

25 27

To close this navigation pane and to use a more traditional full-page newspaper view, just click the “Close X” button in the top-right corner of this pane. To switch to a two-page view (or back to a one-page view), just click the two-page (or one-page) icon found at the top of the window, and shown below:


You can use the + or – buttons shown above to zoom in or out on the page in newspaper view, or use the vertical or horizontal buttons shown at the left side of the bar to fit the page vertically or horizontally to your window.

32 or 34

To move from page to page, click the forward, reverse, all-the-way-forward or all-the-way-back buttons as shown below (or if you know the page you want to go to, A1, for instance, just type it in the box):


To see other editions, just click the “Back Issues” button to view the past two weeks of content.Click the “Parade” button to see this week’s Parade Magazine.


Browsing / Reading

There are several options for reading articles or ads in the e-Edition. If the text is large enough, or your monitor is big enough / high-enough resolution, you may be able to read an article in full-page view. Given current technological constraints, this is unlikely.

To read an article, simply click it. The screen will automatically zoom to the article you’ve clicked, and the text should then be large enough for easy reading. 

If you find that you still can’t read the text even with the page zoomed in, try double-clicking. This will open up the article in plain text view, along with any images that go with the article.

40    42



46   If you’d like to email this page to someone else who has a Seattle Times e-Edition account, just click the envelope icon and enter your message text in the window that appears. 

48  To print the current page (or a range of pages) just click the printer icon. 

50  To download the entire edition as a PDF, click the floppy disk icon, which will allow you to save the entire PDF or browse offline. You can also bookmark pages through this button. 

52   Click the “sharing” icon to post to Digg, or to copy the link to your clipboard. 

If you still need help, or have any further questions about our e-Edition, please contact our Customer Service Department at 206/464-2121 or

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