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Civic Minds in The Seattle Times

Program Content for February 27, 2015

Date:  Friday, February 27, 2015

E-Edition Date:  Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Article Title:  Sock-loving sibs dip toes into business at early age

Section:  Business, A8


Vocabulary Review:


 “We want to not only be a for-profit company,” she said, “but also teach philanthropy to kids, which is very important to us.”


Please look up the definition of philanthropy and use in a sentence, using your own words.






Comprehension Questions


1.      Ever since he was a baby, Sebastian Martinez loved ___________.


2.      What did Sebastian do with them?


3.      Two years ago, what did his mother, Rachel Martinez, ask him?  What was his response?


4.        The brothers were featured on what program, earlier this month?


5.      Who runs the company and the different departments?


6.      Since the business started last May, they have sold their socks to many different stores and raised thousands of dollars for charity.  What does each family member do?  Where are the socks made?       


7.      The business made about $____________ last year. They sell their socks to local stores, through their website and on other online sites such as Etsy.  


8.      What is the dual mission this company has?


9.      In October, Are You Kidding sold specially designed socks for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. What did they do and how much was given to American Cancer Society?


10.   What other campaigns is Are You Kidding working with?


11.   To teach kids about the charities, the company uses an app called VeePop.  What does this app do?


12.   Is the company looking to expand?  In what areas? 













Class Discussion Questions and Essay Prompts:


·        Have you ever had an idea for a business?  Did you move forward with trying to make it work?  Why or why not?

·        Do you know any other philanthropic-based companies?  Who are they and what do they do to help others in need?

·        How do you think it would be to run a business with your family?  What would the pros and cons be?

·        Have you ever watched the TV show, Shark Tank?  What do you think about some small & creative making millions with investor’s help & financial support?


“We started with socks because that’s the passion that I saw in my son, and if you don’t start off with your passion, you’re never going to continue the business.”


·        Do you agree that you should always do something that you’re passionate about (career-wise)?  Why or why not?





“It’s teaching kids how to start a business, run a business and grow a business. It’s not easy and it takes a lot of time and effort, but at the end of the day we do it as a family,” Martinez said. “We just want to make sure that it’s a fun brand. ... We want it to be a by-kids-for-you collection.”


·        What makes a brand stand out?  What kinds of advertising, marketing & packaging attracts your eye as a consumer?  What about teenagers, in general? 



Newspaper-related CBA activity:  U.S. Policy



How the United States government interacts with the world affects people across the globe.  Analyze and evaluate the causes and effects of US foreign policy on people in the United States and across the world.


·        Using The Seattle Times e-edition, find an article from this week that deals with world politics or foreign policy. 

·        What are the main points of view from someone living in that particular country?  How is that “view” similar and different than your own opinion, regarding the specific issue the article is discussing?

·        Why is it important to study and learn about foreign policy?  How does it help you understand the world we live in, using current issues and events?



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