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Program Content for June 19, 2015


Date:  Friday, June 19, 2015

E-Edition Date:  Thursday, June 18, 2015

Article Title:  Muslims mark holiest month with fasting, focus on prayer

Section:  Main, A6



Comprehension Questions


1.      Millions of Muslims around the world will mark the start of ___________________ on Thursday.


2.      Why do Muslims fast?  What is it intended to do?


3.      Ramadan is a time to detach from worldly pleasures and focus on ______________________.


4.      What are the five pillars of Islam?


5.      How do Muslims fast?


6.      How do they prepare for their fast?


7.      How do they break their fast?


8.      After a sunset prayer, what happens to celebrate their fast?


9.      Can Muslims be exempted from fasting?


10.   What are some Ramadan traditions?


11.   What are traditions in Egypt?


12.   What are traditions in the Persian Gulf countries?


13.   What happens at the end of Ramadan?  What celebrations and traditions are held?



Class Discussion Questions and Essay Prompts:


·        Did you know much about the holiday of Ramadan prior to reading this article?

·        Did you learn anything new? 

·        What stood out to you?

·        Have you ever fasted before, either for a religious or medical reason?  How did you feel not eating several meals?  Was it difficult?  Why or why not?





Why is it important to learn about other cultures and religions?



Newspaper-related CBA activity:  U.S. Policy



How the United States government interacts with the world affects people across the globe.  Analyze and evaluate the causes and effects of US foreign policy on people in the United States and across the world.


·        Using The Seattle Times e-edition, find an article from this week that deals with world politics or foreign policy. 

·        What are the main points of view from someone living in that particular country?  How is that “view” similar and different than your own opinion, regarding the specific issue the article is discussing?

·        Why is it important to study and learn about foreign policy?  How does it help you understand the world we live in, using current issues and events?



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