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Program Content for October 29, 2014

Wednesday's News Break selects an article from Tuesday, October 28, 2014 of The Seattle Times e-Edition for an in-depth reading of the news. Read the selected story and answer the attached study questions. Please remember to always preview the content before sharing with your students.

Residents will be allowed to watch lava destruction (By Jennifer Sinco Kelleher, Main, page A2

Pre-Reading and Vocabulary

  1. Before you read this article, as a class discuss what you think this story will be about. Write down any keywords from the title, which you used to make your predictions. Also discuss what clues the photo accompanying the article might give you.
  2. . Vocabulary:  Match the words to the numbered definitions below.


A.     accommodation

B.     accumulate

C.     advisory

D.     caldera

E.     closure

F.     decomposition

G.    divert

H.     erupting

I.       evacuate

J.      ignited

K.     methane

L.      periodically

M.    spews

N.     topography


1.      to remove (someone) from a dangerous place

2.      a large, basin like depression resulting from the explosion or collapse of the center of a volcano

3.      the features (such as mountains and rivers) in an area of land

4.      a colorless gas that has no smell and that can be burned for fuel

5.      a feeling that a bad experience (such as a divorce or the death of a family member) has ended and that you can start to live again in a calm and normal way

6.      to send out rocks, ash, lava, etc., in a sudden explosion

7.      happening regularly over a period of time

8.      something done to provide what is needed or wanted for someone or something

9.      to change the direction or use of (something)

10.   to cause (something) to flow out in a fast and forceful way

11.   to increase gradually in amount as time passes

12.   to cause something (such as dead plants and the bodies of dead animals) to be slowly destroyed and broken down by natural processes, chemicals, etc.

13.   to begin burning : to catch fire

14.   a report that gives information or a warning about something



  1. What will Hawaii officials make arrangements for those living in the path of the lava flow to do?
  2. Hawaii County Civil Defense Director Darryl Oliveira said that those arrangements were being made in order to provide what for those living in the path of the lava flow?
  3. The flow of the lava at times slowed to about 2 yards per hour or sped up to about 20 yards per hour depending on what?
  4. Those people living down slope of the flow are under an________ _________. (Fill in the blanks)
  5. According to the article what has the couple living in the house closest to the flow been doing periodically?
  6. Scientists have been warning the public in Hawaii about the lava flow since what month?
  7. What has decomposition of vegetation in the lava’s path created?
  8. What has Kilauea volcano been doing continuously since 1983?
  9. Officials estimate that Kilauea’s first eruption happened between ________ and _______ years ago. (Multiple Choice)

a)     200,000 and 300,000

b)     300,000 and 500,000

c)     300,000 and 600,000

d)     None of the above

  1. The U.S. Geological Survey says that Kilauea is the oldest volcano on Hawaii Island– true or false?



Additional Activities/Questions  

1.      The article stated that some residents expressed anger at suggestions to divert the flow. Do you agree with these residents that the flow should not be diverted – why or why not?


2.      Visit the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) website to view various short videos that highlight the work of volcano scientists then use the Discovery Questions provided on the website and below for discussion.


Discovery Questions:

1.      What area or hazard is the scientist addressing?

2.      What methods or processes are used to collect evidence/data?

3.      How is the evidence or data analyzed and interpreted?

4.      What are the difficulties encountered?

5.      What challenges are overcome?

6.      What is the most interesting/important thing discovered?

7.      How does the scientist share knowledge with others?

8.      How is this information used by society?

9.      Why is it important to study and understanding this?



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Program Content for October 27, 2014

Sunday's News Break selects an article from Sunday, October 26, 2014 of The Seattle Times e-Edition for an in-depth reading of the news. Read the selected story and answer the attached study questions. 

Saving Alaska: Mercer Island Couple Gets Wilderness Award (NW Traveler, page I2

Pre-Reading and Vocabulary  

  1. Look at the title of this article and look at the picture of the couple accompanying the article. How do you think the couple is saving Alaska? What do you think a “Wilderness Award” is?


  1.  Vocabulary:  Match the words to the numbered definitions below.


A.    accomplished

B.    the bush

C.    chronicled

D.    commitment

E.    contributions

F.    passion

G.    pioneering

H.    preserving

I.      orchestrated

J.     refuge

K.    remote

L.     summit(ed)


1.     to help create or develop (new ideas, methods, etc.)

2.     something that is done to cause something to happen

3.     the highest point of a mountain : the top of a mountain

4.     to describe a series of events in the order that they happened

5.     a place that provides shelter or protection

6.     to keep (something) safe from harm or loss; protect

7.     a large area (such as in Australia or Africa) that has not been cleared and that is not used for farming

8.     far away; distant; far away from other people, houses, cities, etc.

9.     the attitude of someone who works very hard to do or support something

10.  a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something

11.  to organize or plan (something that is complicated)

12.  very skillful : having or showing the skill of an expert



  1. How did Lois and Ward Irwin first meet more than 60 years ago?
  2. Ward Irvin is a retired Boeing engineer and also an accomplished ________.(Fill in the blank)
  3. What was Lois Irwin’s job before retiring?
  4. They have visited some of the most remote parts of what area (be specific)?
  5. In the ________ for almost six weeks, the Irwins planned and_________ their food an travel with great safety.(Fill in the blanks)
  6. Between the two of them how many times have they reached the summit of Mount Rainier?
  7. The Alaska Wilderness League will honor the couple with it “Voice of the Wild” award. The league created the award to recognize individuals whose actions, commitment and contributions have led to what?
  8. The award will be presented to the couple at the league’s annual awareness-raising event. What will the gathering also celebrate the 50th anniversary of?
  9. How did Lois chronicle every trip they made to the Arctic?
  10. According to the article, the Irwins have spent more than 50 years fighting for the existence of the Arctic Refuge - true or false?


Additional Activities


1.     Find out more about the Wilderness Act and watch the video “The story of the Wilderness Act from National Geographic

2.     Journal 2 – 3 paragraphs about how you have experienced the wilderness or about how you would like to experience the wilderness.

3.     As a class, brainstorm a list of ways you can experience the wilderness and help protect the wilderness. Have students talk to their parents, grandparents, or other friends and family, about their experiences. Below is a list of websites to help get you started with some ideas.


News Break is posted to the Web on Sunday and Wednesday. Please share this NIE News Break program with other teachers. To sign-up for the electronic edition for your class, please register on-line or call 206/652-6290 or toll-free 1-888/775-2655.

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Scavenger Hunt  

Sunday’s News Break challenges you to hunt through the Sunday, October 26, 2014 e-Edition of The Seattle Times to find answers to the following questions.


1.      According to the National forecast for Sunday, October 26, what city is forecasted to have a high of 93 degrees? (NW Sunday)

2.      How many goals did the Seattle Sounders score during the season? What trophy did they take home for being the best team over a full season? (Sports)

3.      What party has been in power for 12 years in Brazil? (Main)

4.      According to the American College of Sports Medicine, adults 65 and older should aim to exercise how many days per week for approximately 20 to 45 minutes at a time? (NW Arts & Life)

5.      What is the planet’s largest economy and what did their gross domestic product total last year? (Business)

6.      According to State Farm, more than how many Washington drivers will claim a deer strike to their car this year? (NWAutos)

7.      In 1980 how many colleges and universities were there in the U.S. according to the Department of Education? How many are there now? (Main)

8.      How many miles do the Paris Catacombs stretch underground? Approximately how many Parisians from centuries past remains are kept there?  (NW Traveler)

9.       “Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery S’mores Kit” that is homemade in Seattle, includes six marshmallows that are free of what? (Sunday Market)

10.   How many students remain in intensive care after Friday’s shooting at Marysville-Pilchuck High School? (Main)

11.   What is the most common way freelancers and independent workers find work according to a recent piece in the Harvard Business Review? (NW Jobs)

12.   What year was the most ancient apple tree in the Pacific Northwest planted and where is it located? (Pacific NW Magazine)

13.   Approximately how many customers lost power Saturday night due to strong southwest winds that swept through the Seattle, Bellevue and Tacoma area? (NW Sunday)

14.   Tennis is unique among high-school sports in Washington because the regular season is played during the fall and then players have to wait until when to play for titles? (Sports)


News Break is posted to the Web on Monday and Wednesday. Please share the NIE News Break program with other teachers. To sign-up for the electronic edition of the newspaper please call 206/652-6290 or toll-free 1-888/775-2655.

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