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Program Content for July 6, 2015 

Scavenger Hunt  

Sunday’s News Break challenges you to hunt through the Sunday, July 05, 2015 e-Edition of The Seattle Times to find answers to the following questions. 

1.   How many eggs do mother hummingbirds usually lay? (NW Sunday)

2.   In what year was the largest return on record for Columbia River fall chinook salmon and how many salmon returned that year? (Sports)

3.   Greece has received two bailouts from the other eurozone countries totaling how many euros? (Main)

4.   How much dust does the average 1,500 square foot house contain? (NW Arts & Life)

5.    Last year Toyota, the world’s largest automaker, sold a car about every _____ seconds? (Fill in the blank) (Business)

6.   What was the average price for gas last week (6/25) in the U.S.? (NWAutos)

7.   The expansion of what has been the largest cause of the decline in uninsured residents in Washington five-years into the Affordable Care Act? (Main)

8.   What castle-style residence in Victoria famously played Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters in the 2000 superhero movie “X-Men”? (NW Traveler)

9.    What is the name of Luke’s older brother in the NIE serial story “Luke in a Really Big Pickle”? (Shop NW)

10.  Where can the world’s youngest glacier be found? What is the name of the glacier? (Main)

11.  What is an ATS and what is ATS the abbreviation of? (NW Jobs)

12.  Which four states does Oregon border? (NW Traveler)

13.  This July Fourth become the hottest on record in Seattle. How hot was it and what year’s record was broken? (NW Sunday)

14.  How many cultivars of dahlias are there? (Pacific NW)

15.  How many straight shutouts has goalkeeper Hope Solo pitched during the 2015 Women’s World Cup tournament so far? (Sports)


News Break is posted to the Web on Monday and Wednesday. Please share the NIE News Break program with other teachers. To sign-up for the electronic edition of the newspaper please call 206/652-6290 or toll-free 1-888/775-2655.

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Sunday's News Break selects an article from Sunday, July 5 of The Seattle Times e-Edition for an in-depth reading of the news. Read the selected article and answer the attached study questions. Please remember to always preview the content of the article before sharing with your students.

Small-town baseball with a twist - snowshoes (Main News, page A2).

Pre-Reading and Vocabulary  

  1. Before you read this article, as a class discuss what you think this story will be about. Write down any keywords from the title, which you used to make your predictions. Also discuss what clues the photo accompanying the article might give you.
  2. Vocabulary:  Match the words to the numbered definitions below.


A.    concession stand

B.    diamond

C.    dollop

D.    emblazoned

E.    endeavor

F.    inning

G.    proceeds

H.    spectator

I.      transitioned

J.     unique


1.     a small amount of soft food

2.     the total amount of money or profit that is made

3.     a serious effort or attempt

4.     a small business or shop where things are sold in a public place (such as a sports stadium)

5.     to make a change from one state, place, or condition to another

6.     to write or draw (a name, picture, etc.) on a surface so that it can be seen very clearly; to decorate (a surface) with something (such as a name or a picture)

7.     a person who watches an event, show, game, activity, etc., often as part of an audience

8.     used to say that something or someone is unlike anything or anyone else; very special or unusual

9.     the part of a baseball field that includes the area within and around the three bases and home plate

10.  one of the usually nine parts of a game in which each team bats until three outs are made




  1. About how many years ago did the sport of snowshoe baseball start in Lake Tomahawk? (Multiple Choice)

a)     10 years

b)    25 years

c)     50 years

d)    None of the above

  1. Why did the town want to get people involved in a snowshoe league during the wintertime?
  2. Originally the sport started as a _________ endeavor. (Fill in the blank)
  3. Instead of playing on snow, what is on the town’s baseball diamond during the summer?
  4. An inning in the game ends when a team scores how many runs?
  5. How are the large yellow balls used in the game caught?
  6. What is the name of the town’s team? (Multiple Choice)

a)     Blackhawks

b)    Snowhawks

c)     Tomahawks

  1. What homemade item that is sold at the concession stands is the town known for?
  2. Where do all the proceeds from the concession stand go?
  3. Last year the community raised money to bring the Wounded Warriors Softball Team for a game and sent the team of Iraq and Afghan veterans home with a donation of how much money?

Additional Activities  

1.     Think of a game you enjoy playing with your friends. What twist could you add to the game to make it more unique? What rules would you change or add to your new game? Write down your ideas and then come up with a logo for your team/new game.

2.     Answer the following questions about the article you just read:

A.    Who or what is this article about?

B.    Why do you think this article is important?

C.    What is the most important or interesting fact you learned from this article?



News Break is posted to the Web on Wednesday and Friday. Please share this NIE News Break program with other teachers. To sign-up for the electronic edition for your class, please register on-line or call 206/652-6290 or toll-free 1-888/775-2655. Copyright © 2015 The Seattle Times Company



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