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Program Content for September 19, 2014

Each week, this lesson will share some classroom activity ideas that use the newspaper or other NIE resources.  You are encouraged to modify this lesson to fit the needs of your students.  For example, some classrooms may be able to use this as a worksheet and others might need to ask and answer the questions in a class discussion. 

Please be sure to preview all NIE content before using it in your classroom to ensure it is appropriate for all of your students.

Materials you will need for this lesson: The Seattle Times e-Edition

Library or computer access for research

Article: “We are Washington”

Page: C8

Date: Thursday, September 18, 2014


Pre- Reading Discussion Questions: 


Look at the title. Before reading the article, look at the photographs and the title. What do you think is the feature attraction at the Washington State Fair? Have you been to the Washington State Fair before? What did you see there? What do you think you can see there?




Read the following quotes and determine the meaning of the word based on how it’s used in the sentence:


Vision Dome is a fully immersive, 360-degree projection that will transport you to the most breathtaking locations in the universe!


(immersive: surrounding)

(projection: the act or process of causing a picture, movie, etc., to appear on a surface )


 The difference is, instead of zooming in on one location, you’ll have a 360-degree panoramic video of the most amazing sights on the planet displayed on a massive screen nearly 200 feet in circumference.


(panoramic: a full and wide view of something — usually singular )

(circumference: the length of a line that goes around something or that makes a circle or other round shape )


These create five single screens that are then stitched and warped together by Vision Dome software to create one seamless 360-degree display.


 (without seams or stitches)


Journal Writing Prompts: 


“What are the Seven Wonders of The Ancient World? Which of these can you still see today? What other natural and man--made structures are considered Wonders of the World”


First list the Wonders of The Ancient World and the man-made Wonders of The World that you know. Then imagine you are visiting one of these wonders.
Write a journal entry in which you describe your visit. What is most impressive about the structure? What techniques do you think were used to build the man-made structures?  


Discussion Questions:


Review the excerpt and discuss the following questions:


What stories are best told in video versus singular photographs? Why? What about animation? If you had the opportunity to use Vision Dome technology for a class project, what would you create?”


In a group, discuss the benefits of using video over still photographs. What are the disadvantages? What are the benefits of showing a film on Vision Dome over a flat projection screen? Discuss a short film that you would like to show on Vision Dome. How would use the features of Vision Dome to your advantage in telling the story?


Small group discussion and activity: 


“Peripheral vision is what is seen on the sides of your environment, outside of the center of your gaze. In a typical movie theater flat screen, you eliminate your peripheral vision by looking straight ahead at the screen. Vision Dome technologies employ your peripheral vision by showing images all around the room, which is more similar to how you experience real life. In what areas of your daily life is peripheral vision especially important? In which careers is peripheral vision essential?


Research peripheral vision and how it is used in daily life, sports, and certain careers. Share your findings in a small group of with the class.



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Copyright © 2013 The Seattle Times Company
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