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Science Time

Science Time

Program Content for October 29, 2014

Read the article “A study to keep in mind: Chocolate boosts memory” on page A2 of the Monday, October 27, 2014 edition of The Seattle Times.


Word Jumble:  Unscramble key words from the article

1.     cohcoaetl

2.     ocoac

3.     vafaslnol

4.     txodinantai

5.     rmyemo


Comprehension Questions

1.     What was recently demonstrated by science to improve some memory skills in aging adults?  

2.     What was the independent variable in this experiment (the thing changed between the two groups in this study)?  

3.     What were the results of the experiment outlined above?  

4.     What other research do these findings support?  

5.     Why might the results of this recent experiment be considered more reliable than the previous research on flavanols mentioned above?  

6.     What part of the brain was found to have increased function during this recent research on flavanols?  

7.     Why might flavanols not help those with Alzheimer’s disease?  

8.     How much epicatechin was consumed by the high-flavanol group in the study each day and how many chocolate bars would you have to eat to match this amount?  

9.     Who funded this research?  

10.  What impact did exercise have on the memory and brain of this study’s participants?  

11.  Why do scientists think flavanols may help memory?  


Prompts and Extensions

1.     Read the article “Dark chocolate part of study on preventing heart attacks” on page A2 of the Monday, March 17, 2014 edition of The Seattle Times.  This article details the other flavanol study mentioned in this week’s Science Time.

2.     Part of this research was funded by Mars, the same company that makes M&M’s, Snickers, and Twix.  Write down and then discuss with your class the the pros and cons of having a candy bar company fund flavanol research.  Question to address include; Why would Mars want to fund this research?  What are the possible conflicts that may arise between the scientists carrying out this study and Mars?  What impact does the fact that Mars funded part of this study have on your trust in the results of the findings from this research?

3.     Watch this news story video clip and read another article detailing the findings of this research.


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