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Sum Up the News

Sum Up the News

Program Content for March 24, 2015


1. If Y is directly proportional to the square root of X and Z is inversely proportional to X, then how is Z related to Y?

                A. Z is directly related to the square of Y

                B. Z is inversely related to the square of Y

                C. Z is directly related to the square root of Y

                D. Z is inversely related to the square root of Y



2. If x = 2y and z = 6y which of the following expressions are equal to ?

                A. 3y

                B. 3 x

                C. z

                D. 3z



3. JKLM is a trapezoid with and area of 30 square inches.  and  intersect at point N. If J is the midpoint of  and K is the midpoint of , then what is the area of triangle LMN?        

A. 10 square inches

                B. 15 square inches

                C. 36 square inches

                D. 40 square inches



 Based on the article “Agronomist turns his expertise to cultivating the finest chocolate” on page A7 of the Monday, March 16th, Seattle Times.

4.  São Tomé and Príncipe is an island group off the west coast of Africa known for its cocoa production. The tiny country has a total economy of $311 million, 13.2% of which is from its exported goods. The 3000 metric tons of cocoa that it grows each year makes up 80% of its exports. How much does a metric ton of its cocoa sell for?

                A. $2,800

                B. $7,000

                C. $11,000

                D. $14,000



5.  Claudio Corallo is credited with revitalizing the country’s cocoa industry. He now sells 3,300 pounds of chocolate every month. Corallo’s 5.6-ounce packages of chocolates sell for $26.50 in retail stores. If the stores markup the price by 35% from the price that they pay Corallo for them, what are the annual revenues for Corallo’s chocolate making operation? (1 pound = 16 ounces)

                A. $1.1 million

                B. $1.9 million

                C. $2.2 million

                D. $12.4 million



Based on the article “Rainier Beach’s gamble paying off for students” on page A1 of the Tuesday, March 17th, Seattle Times.

6.   Rainier Beach’s graduation rate has steadily increased over the past 4 years, from 53.7% in 2011 to 78.9% in 2014. If the graduation rate and dropout rate for a given Class always add to 100%, by what percentage did the Rainier Beach’s dropout rate decrease from 2011 to 2014?

                A. 25.2%

                B. 45.6%

                C. 49.8%

                D. 54.4%


7. Examine the graph titled “More students graduating” on page A1. If the graduation rate for the city of Seattle is decreasingly linearly, approximately what will the city’s graduation rate be in 2016?

                A. 72.0%

                B. 72.5%

                C. 73.0%

                D. 73.5%



8. Examine the graph on titled “More students graduating” on page A1. If the change in Rainier Beach’s dropout rate is best modeled with an exponential decay equation, what will the graduation rate be for Rainier Beach’s Class of 2016?

                A. 84.1%

                B. 85.3%

                C. 86.7%

                D. 88.0%



Based on the article “Rich got richer fastest in Seattle, study finds” on page A6 of the Wednesday, March 18th, Seattle Times.

9. The income needed to be in the top 5% in Seattle reached $278,084 in 2013. At the same time, the income at the 20th percentile increased by just 1.1% to $26,700. Nationwide, the 95th percentile income in 2013 was about 9.3 times as much as the income at the 20th percentile. If in 2013, Seattle’s 20th percentile income was 24.6% higher than the nationwide 20th percentile income, then how much higher was Seattle’s 95th percentile income than the nationwide percentile income?

                A. 12%

                B. 18%

                C. 32%

                D. 40%



10. Examine the graph titled “Cities with biggest income growth at top” on page A7. Nationwide, the 95th percentile income grew by 2.9% from 2012 to 2013. Which of the cities in graph had a 95th percentile income in 2012 that most closely matched the nationwide 95th percentile income?

                A. Dallas

                B. Houston

                C. Louisville

                D. Portland



Program Content for March 17, 2015


1. In a data set of 60 values, the median is 42 and the 3rd quartile is 58. If the 1st quartile is 10 less than the median, what is the interquartile range?

                A. 15

                B. 26

                C. 30

                D. 32



 2. If x is a positive integer, which of the following values will be an irrational number?

                A. Diagonal of a rectangle with sides of length 3x and 4x

                B. Radius of a circle with a circumference of x

                C. Side length of a equilateral triangle with perimeter x

                D. Volume of a cube with sides of a length of length x



3. Which of the following ratios are not equal to π?

                A. Ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter

                B. Ratio of the area of a circle to the square of its radius

                C. Ratio of the surface area of a sphere to the square of the diameter

                D. Ratio of the volume of a cylinder to the product of its diameter and height



Based on the article “Sun-powered plane lands after first leg of round-the-world trip” on page A2 of the Tuesday, March 10th, Seattle Times.

4. The first day of flight for the solar plane covered 250 miles in 13 hours. If the plane maintained that same pace and roughly followed the equator on its journey, how many hours of flight would it take to complete the trip? The average radius of the Earth is 3,959 miles.

                A. 206 hours

                B. 412 hours

                C. 617 hours

                D. 1,294 hours



5. The second day of flight covered 912 miles in 16 hours, but in light of a storm forecast, the next flight was delayed. The journey is expected to include 25 total days of flight spread out over 5 months. How many miles will the remaining days of flight need to cover on average?

                A. 949 miles

                B. 995 miles

                C. 1,031 miles

                D. 1,082 miles



Based on the article “Wall Street bonuses averaged nearly $173,000 in 2014” on page A10 of the Thursday, March 12th, Seattle Times.

6. The securities industry traditionally hands out massive bonuses at the end of each year. Last year the bonuses averaged $172,680 per industry employee, though the median is most likely far less than that. The total of all the bonuses handed out in the industry last year increased by 3% from a year earlier, to $28.5 billion, while the average bonus increased by just 2% from 2013. How many securities industry employees were there in 2013?

                A. 163,000

                B. 164,000

                C. 166,000

                D. 169,000



7. In 2007, just as the financial crisis was emerging, the bonus pools for the securities industry reached $33 billion, but that was spread across a larger workforce of 188,300.  If bonuses in the industry that year equaled 40% of the employees’ total annual salaries, then what was the average total compensation, salary and bonus, for employees of the security industry in 2007?

                A. $440,000

                B. $470,000

                C. $560,000

                D. $610,000



Based on the article “Huskies lose heartbreaker as Stanford hits late three” on page C5 of the Thursday, March 12th, Seattle Times.

8. Washington only attempted three free-throws all game and missed all of them. They ended the year making 405 of their 593 attempts. Prior to the game, what was the probability that they would miss three free-throws in a row?

                A. 3.1%

                B. 3.2%

                C. 5.8%

                D. 32.2%



9. The Huskies poor free-throw shooting was overshadowed by their excellent shooting from behind the three-point line. They attempted 20 three-point shots during the game and made 13 of them. They ended the year making exactly a third of their 579 attempts. If during the game they had made their three-point shots at the same percentage as they had during the rest of the season, how many fewer points would they have scored?

                A. 18 fewer points

                B. 19 fewer points

                C. 21 fewer points

                D. 24 fewer points



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