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Sum Up the News

Sum Up the News

Program Content for June 10, 2014



1. Point Q is the midpoint of . If Q is at (3,7) and R is at (8, -5), how long is ?


               A. 229 units

               B. 13 units

               C. 265 units

               D. 26 units




2. A parabola that passes through the point (-3, 4) has a line of symmetry of x = 5. What is one other point that must be on the parabola?


               A. (2, 4)

               B. (5, 4)

               C. (8, 4)

               D. (13, 4)




3. The logical statement, "If a polygon has four sides, then it is a square," is not true, but its ________________________.


               A. contrapositive is true

               B. converse is true

               C. converse and contrapositive are true

               D. converse and inverse are true.





4. A prism has a regular polygon as its base. The internal angles of the polygon measure 135°.  How many faces does the prism have?


               A. 6

               B. 8








Based on the article titled “A world only twins understand” on page B1 of the Sunday, June 8th, Seattle Times


5.   The number of twin births per capita has increased by 76% since 1980 and now about 1 in 30 babies born are twins. What were odds against being born a twin in 1990?


               A. 17 to 1

               B. 38 to 1

               C. 52 to 1

               D. 53 to 1





6. Washington State has a population of 6.971 million and 8,600 pairs of twins who live here signed up for the UW'S Twin Registry.  If the probability of a person in Washington State being a twin is equal to the probability of being a born a twin in 1980, then what percentage of Washington's twins signed up for the registry?



               A. 6.5%

               B. 7.4%

               C. 11.2%

               D. 13.1%





Based on the article titled “Triple Crown bid comes up short” on page C1 of the Sunday, June 8th, Seattle Times


7. Despite the attention all being on the favorite, California Chrome, another horse, Tonalist won the Belmont Stakes, spoiling California Chrome's attempt at the Triple Crown. Tonalist finished the 1.5-mile race in 2 minutes 28.52 seconds. What was Tonalist's average speed in miles per hour during the race?


               A. 24.24 miles per hour

               B. 36.36 miles per hour

               C. 37.45 miles per hour

               D. 39.38 miles per hour




8.  When Tonalist crossed the finish line, California Chrome was 1.75 lengths behind, Each length represent the average length of a horse, from nose to tail, and is equal to 8 feet. What was California Chrome's average speed during the race?


               A. 36.22 miles per hour

               B. 36.26 miles per hour

               C. 36.29 miles per hour

               D. 36.35 miles per hour




9. Examine the table titled "Burning Money" on page C8. Assume that the listed odds against winning accurately describe each horse's chance of winning their respective races. Odds of 1: 1 imply that the probability of the horse losing the race is equal to the probability of the horse winning. Among the horses listed on the table, what was the highest probability of winning?


               A. 0.70

               B. 0.77

               C. 0.81

               D. 0.90





Based on the article titled “A beginner’s guide to repaying student loans” on page D1 of the Sunday, June 8th, Seattle Times


10. The U.S has a total population of 318 million and 13% of those people are between 21 and 30 years of age. About 40% of all 21-30 year olds have student loan debt and more 35% of those with debt are behind on their payments. For those who have defaulted on their loans, many are seemingly giving up on paying them, back as only 10% of those who have defaulted respond to the loan company's calls. Nationwide, about how many people under-30 are behind on their student-loan payments


               A. 580,000

               B. 5.0 million

               C. 5.2 million

               D. 5.8 million






11. Examine the graph titled "Student-loan repayment tradeoffs " on page D6. A student starts paying their 25-year loan in 2015. In which year would the student have reduced the principal of the loan by half?


               A. 2017

               B. 2022

               C. 2029

               D. 2032






12. Rates on student loans are currently set at 3.86%. At this interest rate the $35,000 loan discussed in the graph, taken out for 25 years, would require a monthly payment of $182.05. Rates for student loans are set to rise to 4.66% on July 1st, which would increase the necessary monthly payments on the loans to $197.73. Under the new rates and over the course of the loan, how much more in interest would the student have to pay?


               A. $392

               B. $2,064

               C. $4,704

D. $6,768




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