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Sum Up the News

Sum Up the News

Program Content for September 30, 2014


1. The greatest common factor of two numbers is 2 and their product is 144. What is their lowest common multiple?

               A. 24

               B. 48

               C. 60

               D. 72




2. One data set has X data points in it with a mean of M and another data set has Y data points with a mean of N. If the two sets do not share any data points, what is the mean of the union of the two sets?







3. The two smallest angles of a right triangle will always be _____________________.


               A. complementary angles

               B. congruent

               C. a linear pair

               D. supplementary angles




Based on the article “U.S. spacecraft MAVEN neatly enters Mars orbit” on page A2 of the Tuesday, September 23rd, Seattle Times.

4.  After travelling 710 million kilometers in 10 months, the MAVEN spacecraft activated its rockets in order to slow down and be captured by Mars’s gravity. The 27-minute rocket burn decreased MAVEN’s average speed to just 17,700 kilometers per hour. By how much did each second of the burn decrease MAVEN’s speed? (Each month has an average of 30.4 days.)

               A. 0.89 km/h

               B. 8.9 km/h

               C. 53 km/h

               D. 3,200 km/h


5.  Over the next several months, MAVEN will gradually tighten its orbit around Mares until it achieves a final stable orbit 200 miles above the surface and will complete one orbit every 4.5 hours. If the distance from the center of Mars to its surface is 3,396.2 km, what will MAVEN’s speed be during its final orbit? (1 mile = 1.609 km)

               A. 1,600 km/h

               B. 9,900 km/h

               C. 21,000 km/h

               D. 45,000 km/h



6.   Because MAVEN was able to save fuel during its journey to Mars, its leftover fuel will allow its lifespan to extend long enough to potentially observe the effects of a complete solar cycle on the atmosphere of Mars. The mean solar cycle takes 10.68 Earth years. If each Martian year takes 687 days, approximately how many Martian years pass during the average solar cycle?

               A. 1


               C. 8

               D. 20

Based on the article “Feed the Beast” on page C1 of the Wednesday, September 24th Seattle Times.              

7.   During the last three seasons, over 16 games, Lynch averaged 300 rushing attempts and 4.5 yards per attempt. Through three games this season, he has just 52 rushing attempts and 234 yards rushing. If his rushing attempts per game and yards per attempt remain constant throughout this season, how many yards rushing will he end up with this season?

               A. 1195 yards

               B. 1247 yards

               C. 1299 yards

               D. 1350 yards


8. So far this season, Lynch has been handling 59.7% of all the Seahawks rushing attempts. Last season, over 16 games the Seahawks had 509 rushing attempts. If the Seahawks run the ball as often in their remaining games as they did last season and if they continue to give Lynch the same percentage of the rushing attempts, then how many total rushing attempts will Lynch have by the end of the season?


               A. 247 attempts

               B. 299 attempts

               C. 355 attempts

               D. 413 attempts


Based on the article “Utah salt caverns have starring role in megapower plan” on page A3 of the Thursday, September 25th, Seattle Times.

9.  Nationwide, each megawatt-hour can power between 600 and 1000 households for an hour of typical use. The four caverns will each hold enough compressed air to generate 60,000 megawatt-hours of electricity. If California uses the lowest amount of energy per household in the nation, how many households in California could be powered for a full day by the energy stored in the caverns?

               A. 6,000,000

               B. 10,000,000

               C. 144,000,000

               D. 240,000,000


10. California has roughly 13 million households and their residential power use makes up 19.3% of their total energy consumption. The wind farm near Chugwater, Wyoming will consistently generate 2,100 megawatts of power. What percentage of all of California’s energy consumption will the Chugwater wind farm produce?

               A. 0.32%

               B. 3.1%

               C. 8.5%

               D. 16%



11.  The volumes of each of the four caverns will be 41 million cubic feet. They will each be 1300 feet high and 290 feet wide. If the caverns are rectangular prisms, what will be the total combined surface area of the caverns?


               A. 550,000 square feet

               B. 1,100,000 square feet

               C. 2,200,000 square feet

               D. 4,400,000 square feet



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