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Sum Up the News

Sum Up the News

Program Content for April 22, 2014



1. The sum of 20 consecutive integers is 350, what is the median of the integers?


               A. 17.5

               B. 18.5

               C. 19.5

               D. 21.5




2. A parabola with x-intercepts of (3, 0) and (-7, 0). If the maximum y-value of the graph is 50, which of the following is a possible equation for the parabola?


               A. y = 2(x + 3)(x – 7)

               B. y = -2(x + 3)(x – 7)

               C. y = -2x2 + 8x - 42

               D. y = -2(x + 2)2 + 50




3.  is the diameter of circle H and K is a point on the circle.  If the circle has an area of 9π square units, then what is the maximum possible area of triangle FHK?


A. 32 square units

               B. 4.5 square units

               C. 9 square units

               D. 13.5 square units




4. What is the length of a diagonal of a cube that has a surface area of 72 square inches?


               A. 33 inches

               B. 6 inches

               C. 62 inches

               D. 12 inches




Based on the article titled “In may cities, rent grows out of reach” on page A9 of the Tuesday, April 15th, Seattle Times


5. The percentage of their incomes that people are spending on rent has grown dramatically in recent years. In Seattle, median rent is now 31% of median household income, whereas it was previously 23%. The Seattle median household income has gone from $45,000 in 2000 to $61,000 today. By how much has median rent increased in Seattle since 2000?


               A. $716

               B. $860

               C. $1576

               D. $8,560




6. 50% of all renters in the United States now spend more than 30% of their income on housing. That percentage is significantly up from the year 2000 when 38% of renters spent more than 30% of their income on housing. Which of the following statements is true?


               A.  The median percentage of their income that renters spend on housing currently is currently 30%.

               B. The median percentage of their income that renters spend on housing is currently less than 30%

               C. In the year 2000, the median percentage of their income that renters spent on housing was less than 30%

               D. In the year 2000, the median percentage of their income that renters spent on housing was more than 30%



7.  Miami is one the nation's most expensive cities to rent in. Mrs. Santamaria lives there and makes $41,000 per year, less than Miami's median income of $48,000. Median rents in Miami are 43% of median income. If Mrs. Santamaria spent 30% of her income on rent, how much less would her rent be than the area's median rent?


               A. 30% less

               B. 40% less

               C. 50% less

               D. 60% less




Based on the article titled “Earthlike planet may have water” on page A4 of the Friday, April 18th, Seattle Times

8.   The Kepler mission is searching for planets orbiting other stars. Kepler 186f is the first planet that the Kepler mission has found who's orbit lies within what is called the "Goldilocks zone," at the right distance from its star so that water could be in liquid on its surface. Kepler 186f has a diameter 10% wider than Earth's at 8,700 miles. How many more square miles does the surface of  Kepler 186f have than the surface of Earth? (Assume that both planets are spheres.)


               A. 41 million more square miles

               B. 50 million more square miles

               C. 165 million more square miles

               D. 200 million more square miles



9. The time it takes a planet to complete one orbit is the called its orbital period. Kepler 186f orbits Kepler 186 every 130 days. The square of the orbital period is proportional to the cube of the planet's greatest distance from its star during its orbit. The Earth orbits our Sun every 365 days and is 150 million kilometers from the Sun, a distance also referred as 1 astronomical unit or 1 au. Approximately how far from Kepler 186 is Kepler 186f?


               A. 53.2 million km

               B. 75.4 million km

               C. 89.5 million km

               D. 127 million km



10. The planet Kepler 186f orbits the star Kepler 186. A star's luminosity, or brightness, determines the distances at which a planet could orbit the star and be in the star's "goldilocks zone." The square root of the luminosity is proportional to the distance. The "goldilocks zone" around our Sun begins at 0.75 au and ends at 1.34 au. Kepler 186 is only 41.2% as bright as the Sun. How far out could a planet be from Kepler 186 and still be in its "Goldilocks zone?" (1 au = 150,000,000 km)


               A. 62 million km

               B. 72 million km

               C. 96 million km

               D. 129 million km




Based on the article titled “Slovakia’s lottery a ploy for merchants to pay tax” on page A12 of the Sunday, April 20th, Seattle Times


11. Slovakian residents can register receipts for sales above 1 euro (equal to $1.38) to be entered into a weekly lottery. The lottery began in the first week of October and through the end of March had resulted in the collection of 60 million receipts from 450,000 different participants. On average, how many receipts are submitted to the lottery each week?


               A. 1.8 million

               B. 2.3 million

               C. 2.5 million

               D. 2.9 million




12. Mr. Skanderova collects receipts from his neighbors and spends 3 hours every weekend registering the receipts. The prize for the lottery is typically 10,000 euros. If it takes Mr. Skanderova 30 seconds to register each receipt, then what is the expected value of Mr. Skanderova's weekly registration session?


               A. $0.04

               B. $1.57

               C. $2.16

               D. $64.80



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