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Sum Up the News

Sum Up the News

Program Content for February 24, 2015


1. If the number  is a perfect square, which of the following numbers will be an integer factor of the number ?








2. The two diagonals of a kite are 8 inches long and 6 inches long. What is the area of the kite?

               A. 12 square inches

               B. 24 square inches

               C. 40 square inches

               D. 48 square inches



3. The diagonal through a cube is 4 inches long. What is the cube’s surface area?

               A. 5⅓ square inches

               B. 16 square inches

               C. 32 square inches

               D. 48 square inches



Based on the article “Seattle may cap the rents on some micro-apartments” on page B1 of the Friday, February 20th, Seattle Times.

4. Developers applying for tax breaks for building low-income units in their new buildings must now charge no more than $1,004 a month for the studios. That rent is considered affordable for a person making $40,170 annually, an income that is 65% of the median income of the Seattle metro area. If rent affordability is proportional to income, what monthly rent would be considered affordable for a person making the median annual income in Seattle?

               A. $1,355

               B. $1,475

               C. $1,545

               D. $1,655



5. The increasing number of micro-apartments being constructed has led the city council to set new rules for developers. These units will have to rent for a maximum of $618 to qualify as low income housing, and would be considered affordable for a person earning 40% of the median income. What percentage of a person’s annual income is considered an affordable amount to pay in rent?


               A. 18%

               B. 25%

               C. 30%

               D. 46%



6.  At the end of last year, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Seattle was $1,385 per month. How much would someone have to make annually for an average Seattle apartment to be considered affordable if they were living alone?

               A. $27,000

               B. $46,000

               C. $51,000

               D. $55,000



Based on the article “Bertha’s punch to pit lifts hopes” on page A1 of the Friday, February 20th, Seattle Times.

7. Bertha’s circular drill head, with its 57-foot diameter, is the largest in the world. Bertha typically breaks up tunneling into 6.5-foot segments, so that a tunnel ring can be installed behind the drill head. What is the volume of earth, or concrete, that Bertha has to excavate for each new tunnel ring?

               A. 5,700 cubic feet

               B. 17,000 cubic feet

               C. 21,000 cubic feet

               D. 66,000 cubic feet



8. Bertha drilled through 20 feet of concrete to reach the repair vault, where her cutting head will be lifted to the surface. If a cubic yard of concrete typically weighs 4,000 pounds, how many tons of concrete did Bertha drill through to reach the repair vault?


               A. 1,200 tons

               B. 1,230 tons

               C. 3,320 tons

               D. 3,780 tons



9. Bertha’s drill head normally completes 1 revolution each minute. How far does the outside of the drill move each second when the drill head is spinning normally?

               A. 1 foot

               B. 3 feet

               C. 57 feet

               D. 180 feet



10. The entire tunnel is to be 9,270 feet long, but with the last 20 feet of progress, Bertha has only completed 1,039. At the pace at which Bertha tore through the concrete wall, how long would it take Bertha to dig the rest of the tunnel?

               A. 1¾ years

               B. 2¼ years

               C. 3 years

               D. 4½ years


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