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Sum Up the News

Sum Up the News

Program Content for January 26, 2015


1. Which of the following equations would have graphs that were symmetric across the y-axis?

               A. y = -|x| + 6

               B. y = x2 – 3x

               C. y = |x + 1| - 1

               D. y = x2 – 2x – 1



2. Which of the following points are collinear with the point (5, 4) and the x-intercept of y = 3x – 9?

               A. (2, -3)

               B. (4, 2)

               C. (7, 10)

               D. (10, 17)


 3. Square with an area of 36 square inches. How long is the line segment from the midpoint of one side to a non-adjacent vertex?

               A. 3






Based on the article “Experts zero in on pizza as packing pounds on kids” on page A2 of the Tuesday, January 20th, Seattle Times.

4.   On average Teens will eat pizza on 22% of given days. How likely is a teen to go an entire week without eating pizza?

               A. 0.048

               B. 0.11

               C. 0.18

               D. 0.54



5. Teens eat an average of 143 calories of pizza every day, which represents 7% of their total calorie intake. On days when they do eat pizza they eat 624 more calories than they would otherwise. The pizza they on those days eat represents 26% of that day’s calories. How many calories do teens eat on days when they do not eat pizza?

               A. 1776

               B. 1876

               C. 2054

               D. 2400



6. Teens eat pizza 22% on any given days. How many extra calories will teens eat a year on days they ate pizza?


               A. 48,000

               B. 50,000

               C. 52,000

               D. 55,000



Based on the article “U.S. traces ‘honey laundering’” on page A5 of the Tuesday, January 20th, Seattle Times.

7.   70% of all honey consumed in the U.S. is imported from other countries, often from dubious sources. On average Americans eat 1.4 pounds of honey each year. If the population of the United States is now 317 million, how many ounces of imported honey do Americans each year?

               A. 4.7 billion ounces

               B. 5.0 billion ounces

               C. 6.5 billion ounces

               D. 7.1 billion ounces



8.  Malaysia is one of several countries whose export numbers for honey are suspicious. The country only produces 45,000 pounds of honey each year, but exports 37 million pounds. If 20% of the honey produced in Malaysia is consumed locally, what is the maximum percent of the honey exported from Malaysia to the U.S that is actually from Malaysia?

               A. 0.097%

               B. 0.97%

               C. 9.7%

               D. 97%


Based on the article “Obama’s plan for free college: how a similar idea is playing out here” on page A1 of the Wednesday, January 21st, Seattle Times.

9. Ms. McEwan estimates that going to community college has saved her family $100,000, by allowing her to avoid paying for two years of out-of-state tuition and room and board at the University of Oregon for the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 school years. Tuition at Oregon for 2014-2015 was $30,800, 9.2% higher than the year before. How much of the $100,000 Ms. McEwan saved was from avoiding the costs of room and board?

               A. $35,500

               B. $38,200

               C. $40,800

               D. $42,100


10. Examine the graph titled “How community college costs have increased through the years” on page A1. What was the average annual percentage increase in community college tuition from 2001-2002 to 2009-20010?


               A. 5.8%

               B. 6.7%

               C. 7.4%

               D. 8.5%




11. If the annual percentage increase in tuition for community college had remained the same from 2009 on till now, what would the tuition be for the 2015-2016 year?

               A. $3,800

               B. $4,000

               C. $4,100

               D. $4,300



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