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Sum Up the News

Sum Up the News

Program Content for December 16, 2014


1. In a quadratic equation in factored form,  with constants  and . What will be the y-intercept of the equation’s graph?

               A. -c

               B. bc

               C. -abc

               D. abc



2. If some number, N is multiplied by itself, and then is multiplied again by itself, the product is P. Which of the following expressions is equal to N2?




               C. 2




3. A triangle on the coordinate plane is transformed by being reflected across the x-axis. If the original triangle has vertices at (0, 0), (-5, 2) and (-4, 4), what is the coordinate of the vertex of the image that is farthest away from the origin?


               A. (-4, -4)

               B. (4, 4)

               C. (-5, -2)

               D. (5, 2)



Based on the article “Girl Scouts add digital to recipe for cookie sales” on page A9 of the Tuesday, December 9th, Seattle Times.


4.    The table below shows what portion of all the cookie sales were of each type of cookie.

Most Popular Girl Scout Cookies

Percent of Sales

Thin Mints

25 %

Samoas / Caramel deLites

19 %

Peanut Butter Patties / Tagalongs

13 %

Peanut Butter Sandwich / Do-si-dos

11 %

Shortbread / Trefoils

9 %

Others (Lemon Chalet Cremes, Shout Outs!, Thank U Berry Munch, et al.)

23 %


A cookie seller named Anna had sold 200 boxes last year at $3.50 per box and was hoping to boost her sales number this year to 600 boxes while keeping her sales price fixed. If the percentage of each type of cookie she sells matches the national averages, how much more money should she expect to make from selling boxes of Samoas than she did last year?

               A. $76 more

               B. $114 more

               C. $266 more

               D. $399 more



5. Using the information from the table in question #4, what is the probability that someone would buy three boxes of cookies and not buy and boxes of Thin Mints?






6. The Girl Scout sell about 190 million boxes of cookies each. The boxes sell for $3.50, $4.25 or $5.00 and the Scouts sell $800 million of them. If 30% of all the boxes sell for $5.00, how many boxes sell for $3.50?

               A. 57,000,000

               B. 67,000,000

               C. 98,000,000

               D. 280,000,000



Based on the article “How much plastic is floating at sea? 270,000 tons, says study” on page A5 of the Thursday, December 11th, Seattle Times.

7. A recent study by the 5 Gyres Institute has estimated that there are 270,000 tons of plastic pieces floating in the oceans. 75% of this plastic is in pieces 8 inches or longer. 35,540 tons of the plastic is in pieces less than one-fifth of an inch. What percentage of the plastic in the oceans is in pieces between one-fifth of an inch long and 8 inches long?

               A. 7.2%

               B. 9.9%

               C. 12%

               D. 25%



8. The study estimated that there are 5 trillion pieces of plastic in the oceans. The most common type of plastic in the ocean is polystyrene, a material that is typically hard, clear and comparatively brittle. Polystyrene has a density of 66 pounds per cubic foot. What is the average volume of the pieces of plastic in the ocean?

A. 0.000020 in3

               B. 0.00024 in3

               C. 0.0028 in3

               D. 0.034 in3



9.  Tiny plastic pieces in the ocean, those that are less than one-fifth of an inch in any dimension, make up about an eighth of all the ocean plastic by weight. How many grams would a polystyrene cube with sides one-fifth of an inch weigh? (1 lb. ≈ 454 g)

               A. 0.042 grams

               B. 0.14 grams

               C. 1.7 grams

               D. 9.1 grams


Sum Up the News is posted to the Web on Tuesdays. Please share the NIE program with other teachers. To sign-up for the electronic edition of the newspaper please call 206/652-6290 or toll-free 1-888/775-2655.

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Program Content for December 9, 2014



1. Length of a diagonal of a rectangle with base = b and height = h.

            A.  +







2. The line y = 2x – 7 is translated 6 units to the left.

            A. y = 2(x – 6) – 7

            B. y – 6 = 2x – 7

            C. y = 2x – 13

            D. y = 2x + 5




3. If the first three terms in a geometric sequence are x – 2, x + 8 and 6x + 3 then what could be the fourth term in the sequence?

            A. -2

            B. 13.5

            C. 31

            D. 45



Based on the article “U.S. urged to build new generation of hydrogen bombs” on page A4 of the Monday, December 1st, Seattle Times.

4. In 1967 the U.S controlled 31,000 nuclear weapons. Since then the supply of nuclear weapons controlled by the U.S. has decreased steadily and it now stands at 4,804. If the number of weapons the U.S. controlled in a given year is best modelled by an exponential equation, on average by what percentage did the U.S. reduce its nuclear weapon stockpile each year?

            A. 1.8%

            B. 3.9%

            C. 6.7%

            D. 15.5%



5. A large portion of the nation’s nuclear weapons are designed to use plutonium-239, a radioactive isotope with a half-life of 24,000 years. The half-life of an isotope describes how long the exponential decay of a sample will take to reduce it to half of its original amount. Significant portions of most plutonium-239 samples have plutonium-240 impurities, a less-stable isotope with a half-life of just 6563 years. If a nuclear warhead was assembled in 1954, what percentage of the plutonium-240 in it would have decayed?

            A. 0%

            B. 0.63%

            C. 0.78%

            D. 0.91%



Based on the article “Bringing in a big bat” on page B1 of the Tuesday, December 2nd, Seattle Times.

6. Nelson Cruz has historically struggled at Safeco Park, hitting safely in just 43 of his 184 at-bats for a batting average of .234.  He will likely be the Mariners’ designated hitter, a position of a weakness last year, especially at Safeco. Seattle designated hitters combined for a batting average of .191 on their 289 at-bats during the 81 home games. If Cruz can match his previous batting average, how many more hits will he produce at home next year than the Mariners’ designated hitters did this year?

            A. 11 more hits

            B. 23 more hits

            C. 57 more hits

            D. 68 more hits


7.  Cruz hit .271 last year all year, but hit especially well close to home. He hit .298 while playing either at his home park in Baltimore or the other hitter-friendly parks in the AL-East division. Of the 162 games in the season, only 43 of them were played at parks outside the AL-East. What was Cruz’s batting in non-AL-East parks?

            A. 0.196

            B. 0.227

            C. 0.244

            D. 0.261




Based on the article “Mammoth cleanup ahead for fouled Duwamish River” on page A1 of the Wednesday, December 3rd, Seattle Times.

8. The EPA plan calls for two dozen acres of the river bottom to be capped with rock and sand and for 105 acres to be dredged, removing polluted material. The plan also calls for 235 acres to eventually be covered by fresh materials flowing downstream. What fraction of the acres of river bottom in the EPA plan will be dredged?

            A. 15/52

            B. 21/68

            C. 21/47

            D. 47/73


9.   The plan calls for 1 million cubic yards of polluted material to be dredged from river bottoms. The dredging will occur over 105 acres. What will be the average depth of the dredging? (1 acre = 43560 square feet)


            A. 0.66 yards

            B. 1.36 yards

            C. 2.0 yards

            D. 210 yards



10. Examine the graph titled “Early action areas” on page A7. The bar graph details when and where contaminated material has already been removed from the Duwamish. Including the material slated to be removed under the new EPA plan, what fraction of the total cubic yards of contaminated material have yet to be removed?







Sum Up the News is posted to the Web on Tuesdays. Please share the NIE program with other teachers. To sign-up for the electronic edition of the newspaper please call 206/652-6290 or toll-free 1-888/775-2655.

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