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Sum Up the News

Sum Up the News

Program Content for May 12, 2015


1. A circle with a radius of 5 units has its center at the point A(2, 3). A line passes through the circle and intersects the circle at the points B(-1, 7) and C(5, -1). Line segment BC is a _________ of the circle.

               A. chord

               B. diameter

               C. radius

               D. sector



2. There are two cylinders with the same height. The height is 1.5 times the radius of the smaller cylinder. The larger cylinder has a diameter that is four inches larger than the radius of the smaller cylinder. If the larger cylinder’s surface area is 36π square inches greater than the surface area of the smaller cylinder, what is the height of the two cylinders?

               A. 1 inch

               B. 2 inches

               C.  inches

               D. 3 inches



3. The lateral area of a right cone is twice are large as the area of its base. What angle does the slant height make with the base of the cone?


               A. 30°

               B. 45°

               C. 60°   

D. 90°



Based on the article “Iran could shake world pistachio market” on page A5 of the Wednesday, May 6th, Seattle Times.

4.   Pistachio production began in 1979 in California, not long after the Iranian revolution. From 2004 till now, the state’s pistachio harvest has tripled and it reached a high of 513 million pounds last year.  How much has the California pistachio harvest increased on average each year since 2004?


               A. 8%

               B. 12%

               C. 20%

               D. 30%


5. Pistachio were planted in 111,000 acres of California farmland in 2004. Since then the number of acres planted in California have doubled. Over the past decade, how have the number of pounds of pistachios harvested from each acre increased?


               A. 770 more pounds per acre

               B. 1,080 more pounds per acre

               C. 1,540 more pounds per acre

               D. 3,080 more pounds per acre



6. The California pistachio crop accounts for 98% of all U.S.-grown pistachios and the total U.S. crop was worth $1.3 billion last year. How many dollars does an acre of pistachio trees produce in a year at current prices?

               A. $3,810

               B. $3,900

               C. $5,740

               D. $5,850



Based on the article “Carbon dioxide increasing at record pace” on page A6 of the Thursday, May 7th, Seattle Times.

7. Carbon dioxide concentrations have increased by 120 parts per million since 1750, prior to the start of industrialization, with half of the increase happening since 1980.  On average, how much was carbon dioxide concentration rising annually from pre-industrial times through 1980?

               A. 0.26 ppm

               B. 0.45 ppm

               C. 0.52 ppm

               D. 0.67 ppm



8. During eras before humans, carbon dioxide levels would rise and fall, but at mush slower rates. When the carbon dioxide concentrations were rising, they would take 6,000 years to increase by 80 parts per million. Since 1980, the carbon dioxide has rising 18%, to 400 ppm currently.

               A. 88 times faster

               B. 100 times faster

               C. 131 times faster

               D. 174 times faster



9. United Nations climate scientists have set 450 parts per million as a target ceiling for carbon dioxide in an effort to limit the global rise in temperatures to just 2° C. At the current rate of increase, in what year will the Earth surpass 450 ppm of carbon dioxide?


               A. 2044

               B. 2057

               C. 2079

               D. 2273


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