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Service is important to us here at NIE. If you have any questions about your NIE account please feel free to call so we can support your use of NIE in the classroom. For all service issues — such as new orders, e-mail address changes, etc. — please call 206/652-6290 or email


Important: You will receive an Affidavit after you have signed up for electronic newspapers paid for by a third party (i.e., sponsored). This receipt must be signed and returned by e-mail immediately following final delivery.

The Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) for newspapers requires that all sponsored e-newspapers be accounted for by a signed receipt indicating service dates and number of students. NIE must strictly enforce the return of affidavits. Therefore, if you have received access to e-newspapers at no cost, paid for by a third party, i.e., sponsored, your receipts must be returned to by e-mail to

If we cannot reach you by e-mail, we will send the affidavit to your school by mail. If you receive a mailed affidavit, please return it to the address below by the designated deadline, in the postage-paid envelope provided to you.

The Seattle Times NIE Program
P.O. Box 70
Seattle, WA 98111

If this receipt is not returned to NIE in time, NIE must bill your school district for the e-newspaper access. Failure to return the receipt may impact future eligibility to receive sponsored newspapers. We need receipts returned if you received ANY e-newspaper access, even if you cancelled your order prior to the end of the program.

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